Подлинные наряды невест ХIХ — ХХ веков

Подкатом куча интересных картинок.

Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester wedding on 6 Nov 1935

Vintage 1942

Grace Weaver Powers who was married to William Denton Bloodgood in New York City on 4/22/1903

Naomi and Al, 1939.

1900 Wedding dress made ​​in Paris

1920s Ivory Silk Satin Beaded Wedding Dress


Circa 1950 Wedding Dress by Caracciolo Ginetti Giovanna for Caraso

1920s wedding dress

1891 two-piece wedding dress, United States, Louisville, Kentucky. Corded silk with glass beads, rhinestones, and amethysts. Via Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Wedding Headband 1879, American

1890s silk wedding dress.

12 Piece Wedding Ensemble Louise Loomis Burrell Little Falls NY from 1868

Wedding Dress With a White Organdy Valenciennes Lace Fitted Bodice & Pink Ribbon Trimmed Jacket, Worn By Louise Loomis Burrell of Little Falls, New York, 1868

Wedding gown, Worth, 1878.

A tambored net and chemical lace bridal gown, ca. 1910, imitation of Brussels point de gaze lace

c. 1899-1900 Cotton Wedding

Ivory satin bridal gown, late 1870s.

Wedding dress, New Zealand, 1890s. Silk satin.

Wedding dress, Marshall Field & Co., Chicago, 1911.

Worn by Frances E. Merrill (b. 1860) of Merton Township

Wedding gown, ca. 1895.

Wedding dress, two pieces, US, 1894. Silk chiffon. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

this style was in fashion 1890’s


1920s Ivory Silk Wedding Dress with Lace and Ribbon Rosette

Wedding dress, Ontario, 1884.


USA, Wedding dress, 1912

Wedding dress of Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, 1865

Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna the younger’s court dress used for her wedding in 1908

Wedding dress of Queen Frederica of Sweden, 1797

Wedding dress of Queen Frederica of Sweden, 1797

Queen Wilhelmina’s wedding gown, 1901.

Balenciaga wedding dress, 1957

1950’s Lace and Sea Pearl Vintage Wedding Gown

Wedding dress of Crown Princess Lovisa of Sweden, 1850 From the Royal Armory and Hallwyl Museum

Prototype for the Queen Mother’s Wedding Dress — 1923

Womans Two-piece Dress (Wedding) Made Of Silk Satin — American c.1878

Vintage 1920s

Brussels mixed lace veil, 1870s.

Cream Silk Lace Veil, Mid 19th C





French, 1858

Wedding dress (1914)


Kathryn Kuhn (American). Wedding Dress. 1960, American. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Wedding dress 1890s



Wedding dress, 1911 From the Museum of Applied Art

the wedding gown of Janette Austin Abell, who married Alfred Savage in 1896.

Wedding dress, E.E. Holland, Chicago, 1887

1940’s Liquid Silk Satin Leaf Motif



Late 1870s/early 1880s Fan Trained Wedding Gown of Cream Silk Satin with Crystal Beading.


Wedding dress c.1930/40s


1860 Wedding Dress via The Bowes Museum

Hazel Mary Cox in a silk and lace gown (with ballet slippers) April 1920.

Miss Rennie, 1925

Princess Elizabeth in Her wedding dress, November 1947.

Rosemary Weinfurtner married Richard Thompson Davidson in 1936.

Bridal party c.1920s stunning bouquets

New York: Bride, 1920.

Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott on her wedding day after marrying Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, third son of King George V and Queen Mary in 1935

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their wedding day. February 1840.

John & Jacqueline Kennedy — Lisa Larsen/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Sep 12, 1953

Grace Kelly

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